Write api documentation online poker

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Write api documentation online poker

The market for gambling and betting APIs is relatively small in the United States, but the activity in this area is growing.

Numerous services promise bettors access to data that will help them win, and API-based betting is a driver of business for betting exchanges. And an upstart is enabling developers to add legal, real-money gambling to their apps using an API.

In addition, the Exchange API can be used to place bets, check bet status and manage bets, as well as to retrieve account information.

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For developers building their own trading tools, Betfair offers a Heartbeat function that enables unmatched bets to be canceled automatically if their applications lose connectivity with the API. To assist developers in getting started, Betfair provides extensive documentation.

Additional fees apply to usage above the limits, but these fees may be offset by commission paid and API subscription fees. Software vendors, bookmakers and businesses that want to use the API for commercial purposes must obtain a commercial license. Access can also be arranged for Betfair affiliates.

A large, thriving ecosystem has been built around the Betfair Exchange API, which is used extensively by a variety of Betfair market participants. Individual punters use the API to develop their own trading strategies and betting tools. Numerous software vendors have developed commercial trading applications that rely on the Exchange API.

And bookmakers use the API to support their own operations. Betable Features Using the Betable APIgame developers can add real-money gambling functionality to their apps without worrying about the complexities of running a legal online casino.

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Instead, Betable partners with developers and shares the gambling revenue generated by their games. The terms of the revenue share are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. One of the goals: If Betable has its way, its API will power a whole new crop of fun and innovative web and mobile gambling games that will not only provide a significantly more enjoyable experience for players, but will also create a lucrative opportunity that solves the monetization challenges game developers frequently face.

Betable has a number of active partners and, according to the company, it has thousands of developers who have expressed an interest in developing games using its API.

SharkScope SharkScope aims to help its customers improve their odds of success in the highly competitive world of online poker. It does this by allowing players to track their statistics and retrieve information about their opponents.

write api documentation online poker

Provide the "same wealth of odds information as the industry professionals at an affordable cost. In addition, eOddsmaker offers a unique XML feed containing pre-match arbitrage opportunities it has identified.

FairLuck aims to help establish trust between game operators with its "Fairness Assurance Technology," which consists of a random number externalization service. It offers its customers and affiliate program participants access to an XML API that provides live odds and enables customers to place bets directly.

Non-customers, including commercial data providers and software vendors, are offered access to the API through a licensing agreement. In addition to its results feed, the company offers APIs for other data, such as payouts, frequency charts and smart picks.

write api documentation online poker

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