Known computer viruses and their effects on your computer

While the infection that they cause to our computer and the files that they disturb are quantifiable, one thing that is beyond comprehension is the mental stress that they cause. However, despite the aforementioned factors, only a small percentage of us want to look at the other side of the picture.

Known computer viruses and their effects on your computer

Glossary Popular Types of Computer Viruses Computer viruses can wreck havoc to the operations of the computer. A computer virus is a type of malware that is intentionally written to gain entry into your computer, without your knowledge or permission.

It has the capacity to modify or replicate itself, in which case it will continue spreading. There are varying different types of computer viruses and their effects also vary widely.

This therefore underlines the importance of not assuming that the virus is harmless and leaving it in the system. It is important that you scan your computer for viruses once in a while, so that you can be sure about its protection. There are various types of computer viruses, classified in terms of techniques, origin, the types of files affected, damage, OS or Platform attacked, as well as the places they hide.

These are permanent viruses dwelling in RAM memory. In this case, they would be in a position to overcome, as well as interrupt, all operations that the system executes. Their effects include corrupting programs and files that are closed, opened, renamed or copied.

These viruses delete information that is in the infected files. In this case, the infected files would be rendered totally or partially useless. Unfortunately, you would only clean the infected file by deleting it completely, therefore losing original content. This virus replicates itself, then acts when executed.

Subject to satisfaction of particular conditions, the virus infects files located in the folders or computer directory. This virus infects executable files or programs. On running the programs, the virus would be activated, then be able to carry out its damaging effects.

Most of the existing viruses are in this category. This would make the computer unable to boot. These viruses can, however, be avoided by ensuring that the floppy disks and hard drive is well protected.

Never start the computer using an unknown disk drive or floppy disk. In this case, when the infected program is executed, you will be running the program unknowingly, since the virus has moved the original program and file to another location. This therefore makes it impossible to locate the moved files.

This virus affects files created using particular programs or applications containing macros. The mini-programs increase their ability to automate some operations, in which case they would be performed as single actions.

The user would therefore be saved the trouble of executing them singularly. Worth listing even if most are Macro viruses. Generally these kinds of viruses infect computers through social interaction with someone who e-mails the end user. They may be asked to verify a billing statement or look at an invoice attachement.

Upon opening the attachment the macro is fired off and runs and infected the computer. Most macro viruses are easily stopped by simply keeping software up to date on computers.

Ransomware is type of malicious software product that attempts to hold a computer for ransom.10 Most Destructive Computer Viruses. By Azwan Jamaluddin in Desktop.

Known computer viruses and their effects on your computer

while making it hard to reset without cutting the power), the effects were incredibly disruptive, with millions of computers being infected, and important, Also known as Downup or Downadup, Conficker is a worm of unknown authorship for Windows that made its first.

10 Worst Computer Viruses of All Time. by Jonathan Strickland START COUNTDOWN NEXT. Start the Countdown Computer viruses are just one kind of online threat, but they're arguably the best known of the bunch. Computer viruses have been around for many years.

In fact, in 9 Types Of Computer Viruses That You Should Know About – And How To Avoid Them Even if you belong to that group of Computer users who think that learning about computer viruses isn’t worth your time Here are 9 Computer Viruses that you should know about: 1.

Boot Sector Virus. Computer viruses can wreck havoc to the operations of the computer. A computer virus is a type of malware that is intentionally written to gain entry into your .

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- Viruses and the Personal Computer Viruses and the effects on personal computers are part of life as we know it in the computer age. Computers and their software can get sick just like humans can get sick.

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