Debating topics to write about

May 9, by Florence Ng You cannot make pizza without the dough, right? The same goes for a debate:

Debating topics to write about

Over the years I have used a variety of speech topics. Most of the topics emerge from current events. For each speech assignment students are given a differentiated list of choices around a specific theme. Below are 50 of the more recent persuasive speech and debate topics I have used with my students.

Research on the Teenage Brain Does video violence effects the teenage brain?

Molecular biology & Genetics Topics

Does the internet influence young people to engage in risky behavior? Once bad in math, a person will always be bad at math. Intelligence depends on environmental factors, not genetic factors.

Starting school later is beneficial to teenage brain development. Parents who engaged with their children are more likely to excel in school and avoid risky behavior. Teachers need to teach content with the teenage brain in mind.

Physical Education and Sports Should physical education be mandatory for all students every day of the school week?

Should students on sports teams be required to carry a certain grade point average [GPA] in order to play? Should coaches be required to give equal playing time to athletes at the secondary school level regardless of skills middle and high school?

Are sports athletes role models? Is mandatory drug testing of all athletes on a secondary, collegiate, and professional level necessary? Are spectator sports overemphasized in America today?

Should professional athletes who break the law via drug use, illegal gambling, domestic abuse, etc. Should athletes who have taken performance enhancing drugs be admitted into the Hall of Fame? Can the growing problem of obesity in the US be reversed?

Is Obesity a Matter of Individual Responsibility? Who is Responsible for Controlling Obesity? National Security and Civil Liberties Does the US federal government have the authority to either detain without charge or search without probable cause?

Should all foreigners entering the US be required to leave 2 finger prints and digital photographs of themselves? Should the US deny all foreigners with desires to attend American Universities to further education, whether M.

Is domestic wiretapping and surveillance acceptable without a court order? Is the US Patriot Act unconstitutional and jeopardizes civil liberties? Should there be stronger limits on immigration?

The First Amendment Controversial T-Shirts — If a student wears a controversial T-shirt, does the school board have the right to ban offensive and controversial clothing or does the student have the right to wear it under the first amendment?

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Cyber Bullying Statutes — If a student is bullying someone do they have the right to claim they have freedom of speech to say what they wanted?The VS Battles Wiki is a site that aims to index the statistics, powers and abilities of characters and weapons from a wide variety of fictional franchises.

Feel free to visit or help out! Interesting Topics to Write About We know we want to write, but when it comes down to putting pen on paper, we're often lost about what we should write.

Will it be interesting? Choosing topics for a debate is a challenge, both for teachers and students. At the elementary level, children don't have the maturity, experience, and knowledge to handle controversial issues, and hence, such subjects are not an ideal choice for them.

Most Controversial Essay Topics. In simple terms any essay topic on which strong debates can be held for long hours thereby creating certain kind of controversies are mainly regarded as highly controversial essays. Some of the prominent writers who have achieved over-the-top success in the field of writing extremely controversial.

Debating Race: with Michael Eric Dyson [Michael Eric Dyson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

debating topics to write about

Whether chronicling the class conflict in the African-American community or exposing the failings of the government response in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

The Old Man and the Sea was the last major work Ernest Hemingway published in his lifetime. The simple story is about an old man who catches a giant fish in the waters off Cuba, only to have it.

Most Controversial Essay Topics